America is not who she once was…

When the debt became too much and the will to fight was too little, they took her from us. They, the Lollipop Corporation, with their promises of freedom from our troubles bought her out from under us. We wasted her and they took her away.

Now we are only Share Holders, owning a fraction of the company that owns all of it; our land, our resources, and our futures.

So just like our brother Arthur Saulos, the Last Man Born in America, we gave up trying a long time ago.

Arthur took his job as Auditor, gave up his birth hands for metal ones, and put on the suit and tie for Lollipop.

Now he works the job. He does the missions that are provided to him by a faceless machine, written in a code he didn’t bother to learn. That’s okay, he’ll let the Librarian translate it for him. He’s the only kind face in this company anyway.

The next mission that The Librarian hands him is Treble City, a Lollipop holding on the east coast. “Recent disturbances by an unknown assailant,” is all Arthur has to go on, but he’s used to that. It’s been a long time since he’s been to Treble City and he’ll soon learn that things have most certainly changed in “The City That Never Sleeps.”

Because, just like his mission, things in Treble City are not as they seem…

…but what ever really is…

…in Ghost Town…

The A.RT

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The Artis.ts

Meet the artists and creators behind Ghost Town

Alex O’Neill
Creator, Writer

Jesse Kwe

Brandon Daniels
Colorist and Letterer